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We provide Cakes and Cupcakes in Warminster and surrounding areas.


Deliciously decadent...


Beautifully inspirational...


Temptingly tasty...

Whether it’s for a special occasion or just a well-earned treat, if it's cake you want you've come to the right place...

We start with a little inspiration...

Our cakes are unique in every design and perfectly created to your tastes.

Every cake is important to us whether it’s a 4-tier wedding cake or a small box of cupcakes we aim to make them with the same care and effort so they are perfect for you.

Delicious Treats

We make a range of deliciously decadent cakes, cupcakes, bakes and treats to tempt your taste buds.

All our cakes are made with the finest ingredients including Fair Trade chocolate, freshly ground espresso coffee, Organic & Free-range eggs and fresh fruit.  

All our cakes are made to the customer’s specification giving them that personal touch.

We also offer and range of Vegan cakes and cakes without gluten, please give us a call to discuss.

Made with the finest ingredients...

noun_Chocolate_1760109_efb0af green

Fair Trade Chocolate

noun_Fruit_1497354_efb0af green

Fresh Fruit

noun_Egg_1167679_efb0af green

Organic Eggs

noun_Coffee_100969_efb0af green

Espresso Coffee

noun_sugar_916261_efb0af green

Large Range of Flavours

noun_Cake_1199750_efb0af green

Great Taste

From just £2.30

Our prices start from £2.30 each for our cupcakes, so why not call and order some today.

We can create bespoke wedding cakes, cupcakes or a celebration cake for any occasion or just as a special treat.

All our cakes are unique in every design, taste is the ultimate end goal.

We offer a wedding consultation and tasting service.

Cake Gallery

Every cake unique with a perfectly crafted taste.

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